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Mark Ryden Multifunction USB Charging Backpack - MR7080

Mark Ryden Multifunction USB Charging Backpack - MR7080

One Bag, Limitless Features
Ever so stylish, loaded with so many features, waterproof and can be used both as a backpack as well as travel bag with the sturdy handle. This bag could be your one-time investment that will last you a lifetime. 

External USB design- The bag has an external USB design for an uninterrupted usage of phone while traveling for long hours.
Heat preservation pocket- The bag has a separate insulated and spill-proof pocket for the liquids which is also heatproof so the temperature remains constant.
Back pocket- It has a magic pocket which is quite large that can be used to keep your valuables like phones or wallet safe as it falls at the back of the bag and you do not have to worry about the pickpockets.
It is loaded with so many features, some of them are-
1) Strap pocket
2)  Sturdy handle
3) Strap for trolly at the back
4) Different compartments
5) Optical holder at the strap
6)Mesh separator
Waterproof- The surface material is made of new generation waterproof PU material, waterproof, and wear-resistant. With the high-quality zippers, the stitching around the zipper is more durable than before.
Stylish and practical- With style and functionality at its core, this compact looking backpack is loaded with practical features like external USB, waterproof and big size to help make your traveling easy and comfortable.
Carry the World with you- The bag has a huge capacity to accommodate a whole lot of stuff while also keeping them segregated with its compartmentalization.
Breathability- Padded Air cushion of the backside and shoulder strap reduce the pressure effectively. Adjustable buckle waist strap keeps the backpack fixed on your body. It can use as a backpack in daily life and the soft top handle allows this bag to convert into a handbag. Strap on the backside make it fixed on a trunk when you go on a long journey.
Unique function- With an external USB port, you can charge your mobile phone when carrying it, which is convenient to carry. Added emergency whistle for emergency, disaster prevention, outdoors, etc. And you don’t need to rummage your key anymore cause a practical Keychain is inside the bag.
Unique feature-It has special heat preservation material on the inside of the side pocket which is also waterproof made especially to maintain the constant temperature for your water bottles and keep it aside from all your other stuff and prevent any leakage. 
Opens 180 degrees- The bag along with being anti-theft also opens 180 degrees and is multi-layered which allows you to organize all the utilities with ease. Along with being the classic backpack, the bag can also be used as a travel backpack and can be your buddy in your next travel trip.